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Apaly is a software platform and B2B marketplace that connects Employers, TPAs, and Carriers, with Point Solution Vendors and Providers, to streamline the business of healthcare.

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Apaly - The nation's largest digital direct healthcare technology platform.

Designed to Fit

We've created unique experiences and products that are specific to user type.

Helping to Scale DPC

We are bringing together DPCs, TPAs, Employers, and their Plan Members (i.e. Patients), to deliver the next generation of high-performance healthcare.


We are adding DPC locations every day. If you're a TPA, unlock the map below and also get a geo-access report.


Create an account to make yourself visible and available to all the plan members in your area.


We are growing every day. We are anticipating 1,000,000 lives on the apaly platform within 12 months.

These numbers are approximate and change regulary.

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Digital Marketplace

The digital marketplace is the central hub of the apaly platform. It creates an elegant B2B experience that is designed to make interactions simple and easy.

There are three main categories of offerings that are available on the marketplace.

Direct Contracts

TPAs & Carriers can directly contract with doctors and other healthcare providers with one-click.

Virtual Networks (VNets)

You can search for existing, or create your own VNets of providers, and then activate them for health plans.

Point Solutions

All types of point solution vendor services are accessible through the marketplace. Shop for, favorite, and activate them.

TPAs and Carriers

Use the apaly platform to differentiate your business and drive more revenue.

We have several products design specifically for you:

Virtual Networks (VNets)

Create and monetize your own Virtual Networks (VNets) of providers on the fly, that you can offer your own clients and others.

Direct Primary Care

Leverage the growing nationwide numbers of DPCs who are participating on the platform, and offer your own DPC VNets to your clients.

Direct Contracting

Directly contract with doctors and other healthcare providers on a one-to-one basis, or leverage our many-to-many open access contracts.

Vendor Management Hub

Make point solution selection and management an organized and structured experience, with our centralized vendor management hub and digital marketplace.

Digital Invoicing

Convert your point solution vendor's charges into claims that can be auto adjudicated and paid through your standard processes.

Digital Integration

Leverage our data integration and governance solution to simplify your life. We can serve as your data hub to capture, store, and relay data between all your trading partners.

DPCs, Other Providers and Doctors

Use the apaly platform to grow your business / practice.

We have several products designed specifically to help you:

Virtual Networks (VNets)

Participate in an unlimited number of VNets that are available on the platform. You can also create your own. Name your own rates. You're in control.

Direct Primary Care

Participate in subscription-based care models, paid directly by self-funded employers.

Direct Contracting

Enter your own desired contract rates and directly contract with self-funded employers on a one-to-one basis, or offer your services across the entire platform. It's up to you.

Point Solution Vendors

Use the apaly platform to reduce friction and grow your business.

We have several products designed specifically to help you:

Digital Invoicing

Submit your charges as claims to reduce friction for growth, and position yourself for value-based payment models.

One Integration

Connect through apaly as the last data integration you'll ever need.

Vendor Management Hub

Our vendor management hub enables TPAs to click to activate your services. Being connected to apaly makes it super easy for you to grow your business.

WE support the digital direct healthcare movement

What is Digital Direct Healthcare?

Digital Direct Healthcare is a new category in healthcare with a mission to leverage digital technology to transform the healthcare industry, with a focus on these key pillars:


Delivering High Quality Care
is a key pillar of Digital Direct Healthcare


Strive toward aligned incentives and continued delivery of value.


Bringing efficiency and simplicity into healthcare.


Focusing on creating an exceptional member experience.


Elimination of unnecessary middlemen and establishing direct relationships.


All services should demonstrate open price transparency.


There should be open collaborative efforts by all parties.


There should be an underlying belief in supporting innovation.


Ultimately, Digital Direct Healthcare is focused on transforming the industry for the better.

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