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Apaly - The nation's largest digital direct healthcare technology platform.

point solution vendors



Offer your services to all forms of payers on our B2B digital healthcare marketplace.


Ease both your client's and your own operational and administrative burden.


Leverage the apaly platform to grow your business.

Digital Marketplace

The digital marketplace is the central hub of the apaly platform. It creates an elegant B2B experience that is designed to make interactions simple and easy.

There are three main categories of offerings
that are available on the marketplace.

Direct Contracts

Vendors, doctors and other healthcare providers and payers can directly contract with one-click.

Virtual Networks (VNets)

VNets group doctors and other healthcare providers together into organized solutions that can be applied to employer health plans with one-click.

Point Solutions

All types of point solution vendor services can be facilitated through the marketplace. You can offer your services there, and TPAs / Carriers can activate them for their clients.

Apaly makes b2B in Healthcare a reality

Purposefully Built for You

Our Point Solution Vendor product has many features that are designed to reduce friction for your operations and growth.

reduce administrative and operational burden

Leverage Digital Vendor Connect

Our Digital Vendor Connect product converts your charges into claims that can be auto adjudicated by payers and paid through their standard process.

This streamlines operations and reduces overhead for you and your clients to help you grow.

break through the point solution noise

Easily Connect with Payers

Our centralized vendor management hub and digital marketplace makes it easy for you to offer your services to many payers, all in one place.

You'll appreciate lightning fast activation of your services, and eliminate your client's invoice payment processing woes by submitting all your charges in the form of claims.

maximize utilization of your services

Point of Care Digital Navigation

Our connected navigation solution provides vital intelligence at the point of care to inform members and clinicians not only about doctor referrals, but also related to specific and appropriate point solutions that are available on a member-by-member basis.

Imagine being able to say...

"I never have to do another data integration again."

Leverage our data integration and governance solution to simplify your life.

We can serve as your data hub to capture, store, and relay data between all your trading partners.

How it Works

Our Point Solution Vendor Product is designed to make it simple for you to operate and grow your business.

1. Sign Up

Create an account to access our digital marketplace and all the features of our Point Solution Vendor product - FOR FREE.

2. Offer

Offer your services as solutions on the marketplace where payers can activate them for their health plans.

3. Deliver

Do what you do... Provide your services as defined in your solution.

4. Get Paid

Receive direct ACH payment to your bank account, through the apaly platform.

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